Birmingham, AL, December 9th 2019 – The results obtained from an unbiased and thorough analysis of potential drug targets in multiple sclerosis has been successful, culminating in the identification of two new multiple sclerosis drug candidates: VBI-101, a small-molecule drug, and VBI-106, a protein biologic drug.  The Chief Scientific Officer of Vulcan Biosciences, Dr. Michael Heaven, stated “Both of the lead drug candidates found suppress paralysis symptoms in the in vivo mouse model of multiple sclerosis, have unique mechanisms of action, and show no signs of toxicity.”  Both drug candidates were found using the company’s own PROTALIZER™ mass spectrometry proteomics discovery platform.  The company plans to develop VBI-101 and VBI-106 further in additional preclinical studies, with the goal of filing an investigational new drug (IND) with the FDA in anticipation of further human clinical trials.